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Jun 22, 2018

Welcome to the Rut Roundup of hunters who have implemented the Hunt Fish Journal's hunting method utilizing licking branches and multiple scrapes to harvest mature bucks. These shows are from last fall's deer hunting season 2017. In this show No.6 you will hear  Lee Lanphear and son Aiden talk about their success harvesting three nice bucks and their story. Then we turn to outfitter and hunting guide Bob Warner way up in the Michigan's U. P. to talk about the great buck he harvested implementing the Rut Functional hunting Method. You too can be a successful deer hunter by implementing this powerful hunting method called Rut Functional Hunting. More to come as we keep moving through our list of hunters who have reached out to the HFJ to tell of their success! IF you would like to get a great education on how to utilize this method, the Hunt Fish Journal is doing a workshop July 7th in Eaton, Ohio. You can sign up to attend using this link  

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