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Apr 12, 2018

Welcome to the Rut Roundup 2017 No.5. In this show you will hear  Dustin Young talk about his success using the Rut Functional Hunting Method and a challenge he issued for each of our listeners!  Then we turn to Casey Sikes and how well he did implementing just a few steps in our Rut Functional Method. In the show he will go over the reasons why he couldn't incorporate more steps in the method but how just using some of the steps helped him harvest a good buck. The rut roundup shows are the stories from hunters who have utilized our method of hunting to become more successful in the deer woods. You too can be a successful deer hunter by implementing this powerful hunting method called Rut Functional Hunting. More to come as we keep moving through our list of hunters who have reached out to the HFJ to tell of their success! 

Thank you to our listeners Greg, Dan and Jerry

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