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Dec 3, 2017

Welcome back to the HFJ. We are past the bulk of the rut here in Ohio with only the second smaller rut to come and in this show we would like to talk about a rut calendar vs Key Days. Why is this an important show to do right now on the eve of the the Rut Roundup shows? Well, this knowledge can help you become a better organized hunter knowing  the right times to implement the steps necessary to truly become and proficient Rut Functional Hunter. We know that using some of the steps and tools in this method can help make you a better hunter but we really know that using all the tools and steps will create better opportunities to not only see more deer but bring more deer to your deer stands. Setting up your own personalized Calendar around the key days will keep everything on track as you progress through the coming year. Start Early!!!

Thank you to our listeners Greg, Dan and Jerry

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