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Sep 24, 2010

This months show is a special show for Dan and Greg.  It was September 30th one year ago that we started this podcast with the deer hunter in mind.  Dan and Greg have enjoyed doing these podcasts over the last year.  It all got started a couple of years back when Greg discovered a podcast about hunting in the Michigan U.P.  After taking a ten point buck. That podcast encouraged Greg to start up a hunt talk show that would showcase hunting topics to promote the products and the Great outdoors.  It didn't take long for Greg to win over Dan to the idea that hunters needed more hunting and fishing podcast shows to educate and encourage new and experienced hunters alike.  Dan and Greg would like to thank Joe Duckworth for his "Nosler-Huntcast" that was the inspiration for creating The Hunt Fish Journal. We love your show Joe! Keep up the good work!

This month Greg goes over a short Large Mouth fall fishing tactic.  Then The Hunt Fish Journal is pleased to present an interview with Sam Collora.  Sam and Judi are the owners of Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures and American Outdoors Inc.  Sam talks about how he and his wife Judi got started in the business along with some great tactics for bagging that prize buck this year! Sam's talks about one of his "Continuous Scrape Set" and how to use it. Thank you Sam and Judi. 

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over ten years ago

Hi Guys!
Congrats on your first year!
Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it very much.
Keep fighting the good fight, and whack a monster this year for me!