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Jun 7, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 deer season! Does it seem early for this show? Well, for some it will but let me paint this picture. How much do you really enjoy going to the woods in September just before opening day and having to deal with all the weeds - weeds that are 5 feet high with thick stocks and need to be trimmed out. Then after making all the racket in the woods and telling every deer you're there, you get to your stand and find a large tree fell back in the summer and broke your stand, cleaning off licking branches and covering 2 of your most productive scrapes! Now you have a weeks worth of work that needs to be done and it's sure to make every deer in the woods want to be there on opening day-NOT! In this show, we talk about what you need to be doing now, so this year you can be relaxed on the day you go to the woods with out having regret. We'll also go over the up coming Rut Functional Workshop to be held at The First Church of the Nazarene 201 East Lexington Rd Eaton, Ohio 45320 July 7th from 9:00am to 4:00 pm Donuts, Lunch and Refreshments are provided. Here is a link to register

You can also call to make payment at the door 937-546-2445 also special rates for groups, children 12 and under free with paying adult. If you have been on the Rut Roundup show, there's no charge to attend and if you have been to the workshop before you can get in for $25.00