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Jul 24, 2010


Welcome to HFJ No.9.

This month Greg talks about wading the Stillwater River. Walking the rivers of Ohio for Smallmouth Bass is truly one of the best ways to catch this strong fighting, surface breaking, hook throwing, bronze back Bass thats well sought after by many an angler.  Greg goes over some techniques that helped him and friends catch many smallmouth as well as many Rock-bass when the Smallmouth stop biting. Greg started walking the rivers and creeks of Ohio as a young man and covers lure presentation, areas where bass hang out and some areas of concern for river safety.Then Dan and Greg turn the show topic to hunting, interviewing Eric Campbell, a Butler County sheriff.  Eric, along with his wife, started the Southern Ohio Sportsmen Club as a way for hunters to gain access to quality hunting land in multiple states.As private land has gotten harder for sportsmen to get permission to hunt on, Eric saw the need to help his fellow hunters. Our hats are off to Eric and his wife for such a great endeavor to give sportsmen, sportswomen and their children a place to enjoy this great sport. 


 Remember.............Dear Wester's Estates for affordable housing!                                               

 Next Months show, We will be turning our sights to the 2010 Deer Hunt.

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