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Aug 31, 2015

This week we welcome back Lee and Tiffany from the Crush to the HFJ for a sit down discussion on how they became one of the giants in the hunting world. We wanted to tell the listeners the truth. A behind the scenes look at how Lee and Tiffany built their whitetail hunting into one of the countries top rated shows hunting free ranging deer. We noticed when famous people post their deer kills, they usually get negative comments from jealous hunters. Comments such as they could kill trophy deer too if they could hunt where the celebrities hunt and many accusations of hunting high fence captive deer and/or farm grown transplant deer!  We wanted to set the record straight by having Lee and Tiffany tell how they did it. No high fence, no captive or transplanted deer. Just real free range local deer managed in a proper way.  The Lakosky way!!! 

Thank you Lee and Tiffany for the time spent to do this show! And       a special thank you to Linda for all her help on this podcast!! 

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