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Feb 16, 2016

In this show the HFJ will review what we did in the 2015 deer season. We evaluate what we did well in our own broadcasts and how we can improve for the coming season, which starts now. What did our audience learn from our Rut Functional deer hunting method that we taught? We review the order of our Podcasts on deer hunting, that goes back three years, and we give an order that you the listeners can go to for a better understanding of hunting methods. We talk about the tools we made available in mid 2015, and why shows before that were missing some key elements. Those tools made our 2015 season much more successful, as it is illustrated by you the listeners in Rut Round Up 2015 parts 1,2 & 3 (HFJ # 113, 114 & 115). Also, we cover what we need teach in 2016 to make you more successful. We are much aware of the many gracious celebrities that we have on is a big part of our and your hunting success. We will present what we should start doing now at our hunting locations to make next years deer season successful.

Thank You to our listeners!

Greg, Dan and Jerry 

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