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Jan 25, 2013

This month the Hunt Fish Journal talks to Rob Sullivan, Walt Mitchell, Monica Barnhart and our own Jerry Everhart. This show is to see how the rut turned out for the hunters who used Jerry's hunting tactics to take larger bucks over scrapes in that 3 to 4 day time frame Jerry has called the seek stage. Some of the hunters connected with some really big bucks and seen a greater number of larger deer after using Jerry's method. In this cast we go over how they setup their stands as well as their scrapes and discuses what went right or wrong. Listen as Dan Jerry and Greg interview these hunters and give practical advice and insightful direction. Remember this is part one of two parts with the 2nd half in about 5 days. We hope your hunting season was a great success!!  Thank You Rob Sullivan, Walt Mitchell and Monica Barnhart for the time spent to do this show ! 

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Dan and Greg and Jerry