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Oct 3, 2013


This month we kick off a new series called "The Huntresses of Autumn". It will be four or five huntresses that will share their style of hunting the equipment they use and the game they like to hunt. 1st up we have Amanda Lowrey from "Extreme Huntress" on NBC. A competition between 4 huntress that go head to head to determine who will be the 2014 Extreme Huntress. Amanda's favorite thing to hunt is predators and lives in an area where the wolf is getting out of hand. Amanda also likes to hunt bear. Amanda is the mother of two young girls who just can't wait to get out and go hunting with their mother. She's instrumental in helping youth and special needs kids learn to shoot and get to hunt. Join Dan, Jerry and myself for this delightful interview with Amanda Lowrey. 

Thank you Amanda Lowrey for the time spent to do this show! 

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