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May 18, 2015

This Week we talk to Jim Lindner and Jeremy Smith of Angling Edge about how to fish for carp. What?? Carp! Who fishes for Carp? Well most of the world and after listening to this show you may find that these hard fighting fish do deserve a place among some of the hardest fighting fresh water fish. In years past we would find these fish tossed up on the bank to die as many anglers felt that this species of fish didn't deserve to live. The Carp is a great fighting, large bodied fish that is highly respected in many parts of the world today. After listening to this show you may find the desire to try you hand at carp fishing. Jeremy and Jim deliver a most compelling case to fish for these extremely spooky, hard fighting fish. 

      Thank You Jim and Jeremy for the time spent to do this show!!

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